Slowing it Down in April

by Madeline Gerwick

turtle crossing roadWe start April in the midst of Venus retrograde, and in the shadow of the next Mercury retrograde, which has to do with communications. Then two planets retrograde in addition to Mercury: Saturn and Pluto. This makes a great month for rethinking! Late on April 2nd, Venus moves back into Pisces, where she has excellent support and she’s at her best. This is a signal that money and relationships are also likely to improve. With Mercury slowing down though, we need to double-check all details.

Although many people are expecting the US dollar to crash around this time period, it’s much more likely to get healed, hopefully in April or May, instead of buried. How can the US dollar be healed? By bringing out US Treasury Notes that are backed by gold or silver, and eliminating the Federal Reserve Notes, money that the US rents from the Federal Reserve.

How likely is this to happen? At the moment, the US either has to raise the debt level or default. As I write this, it’s reached its maximum debt level. What’s that got to do with our currency? Everything! How valuable do you think our dollar will be if we default on our Treasury bonds? Likewise, if we keep kicking the can down the road and raising our debt ceiling, how much value will the US dollar retain? Either way, it’s a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Just as Venus gets back into Pisces, where our money could get into better shape, Mercury starts to slow down and then goes retrograde on April 9th – May 3rd. In general, April is NOT the time to start new projects. Slow down and rethink logistics and finances. If you have to starting anything now, be prepared for delays and revisions, and change your expectations to adjust to the slower pace. Mercury retrograde always asks us to check and recheck paperwork, writing, and communication.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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