Revise Your 2016 New Year Plans

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWe started 2016 just a few days prior to the next Mercury retrograde, which occurs January 5 – 25, 2016. Most of this month is for catching up, rethinking, finding our mistakes, redoing, replanning, repairing, reviewing, etc. Contrary to the timing of popular culture with New Year's resolutions, this January is NOT good for new starts. So hold onto your resolutions and start them after this month is over.

This year the GOOD month for new starts is February. Get out your 2016 Good Timing Guide and look at the February calendar. Notice February 10th and February 25th. Both are stellar days, and there are plenty of other good days during the rest of the month. However the first week of February is a 3rd Quarter Moon, so skip new starts for that week.

Also notice that March 2016 has eclipses associated with endings or separations. So new starts could be iffy during March. April, May and June 2016 have Mars retrograde, when new starts are not recommended for many reasons and can be unsuccessful or face challenges. So after February the next really good time for new starts is July. Make very good use of February! Plan it now while you have time.

Mercury retrograde this January comes all the usual potential challenges: delays, miscommunications, cars breaking down, accidents, traffic slowdowns, computer meltdowns, etc. If you want to experience less of this stuff, get in sync with the cycle. Schedule less and plan to catch up rather than trying to start new projects. Redo something. Recycle things, including your paper piles. Repair stuff. Happy New Year!

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