Riding the Rocky Energy of January 2012

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer How did you do during our first week of Mars retrograde? This cycle started on Monday January 23rd and will last through April 13th. I’ll talk a lot more about this in the next segment of my radio show. For now, this is no time to be starting new projects, introducing new products, services or launching web sites. This is the time to do your strategic plan for where you want to head during the next two years and research how you want to get there. This cycle is also associated with anger, frustration and resentment coming out from under the rug. When this happens, it’s an opportunity to heal an old wound. So get out the book, Non-Violent Language by Marshall Rosenberg or visit Michael Faith's blog Nonviolent Dialog for helpful tools for working with conflict.

The Mars retrograde cycle is also likely to correspond to more people in the streets. Italy is currently shut down with transportation strikes, due to austerity measures in that country. We’ll see a lot more of this around the world in the next 11 weeks. Movements such as Occupy Wall Street or other critical mass actions are likely to gain strength.

Next, are you feeling like you’re trying to do too much, or maybe expand in new ways before you finish completing your required tasks? We’re finishing up the cycle of Sun square Jupiter now through January 29th. This cycle is associated with attempting to do too much or overexpansion. If you find yourself in this boat, consider delegating some of the responsibilities or getting help for the new expansion.

Next, we now have cycles that are associated with challenging communications. First of all, we may get caught in fear, a mental rut, stuck in rigid ideas, or talk critically about others. This is the cycle of Mercury square Saturn. Before you say something critical, remember that negative comments about others push money away from you. So if you value your prosperity, turn these energies toward better analysis and planning. This cycle peaks today, January 27th, and stays in range through January 30th.

Even worse, we’re also in a second cycle which can increase the amount of critical remarks, fear or worry. This is related to the cycle of Mercury square Jupiter. Or we may run hot and then cold on the same topic - enthusiastic one minute to do something and then sure it won’t work the next.  This cycle peaks this weekend on January 28 – 29th, and stays in range through February 1st.

The good news is that if you pay attention now, you’re likely to get sudden flashes of insight or solutions to important challenges. This is signified by the cycle of Mercury sextile Uranus. Write down or capture these ideas when they happen, as they can depart as quickly as they arrive. Often these solutions and insights are pure genius. This cycle peaks today on January 27th, and stays in range through January 29th.

Also today, January 27th, we’re in range of a cycle associated with relationship or money issues. This is the cycle of Venus opposite Mars. Typically this cycle suggests that although we may know what we want, we probably have no idea how to get it. This cycle will peak on February 1st and stay in range through February 6th. In case you really don’t know, here’s your short tutorial on how to get what you want without a clue.

First, decide what you want. This is very important; be sure to include lots of details. Then, start thanking the Universe in advance for having already provided you the best path to bring it to you, or for you to accomplish it, etc. Do this daily for a minimum of 68 seconds per day, while you feel joyful that you already have it (even though it’s not yet here). This is an exercise in trusting the Universe to assist you. If you don’t believe that can happen, it won’t. We always create more of whatever we believe. Follow your messages and the bread crumbs the Universe leaves you to get what you want. You don’t need to know the entire path. You only need to know your next step. Be sure to listen or watch for it. This is also a great time to do research related to your desire.

Next, in addition to not knowing how to get what we want, we’re also likely to miss seeing important things. That’s probably because we’re either too close to a situation or blinded by our ego. This situation is related to the cycle of Mercury conjunct the Sun. Although you may have some great and unusual ideas during this period, be sure to review them later and see what you may have missed. This cycle just came into range today, and it peaks on February 6th. This cycle stays in range through February 13th. It’s a good idea to have someone else check your details during this period.

Next Friday, on February 3rd, we have a very major change in the planets. Neptune will move into the sign of Pisces. Neptune represents spirituality, transcendence, the oceans, images, oil, movies and TV, music, artistic pursuits, shoes, alcohol, coffee, and other beverages, and drugs of all types. Neptune is moving back to its home sign of Pisces, where it will stay until March 30, 2025. Prior to last year, the last time it entered this sign was in February, 1848. That’s a 164-year cycle! So we want to extend a big “welcome home!” to Neptune. I’ll talk more about this major cycle in next week's radio show.

Also, just a reminder that we’re in one of the most volatile periods in history with many changes likely this year. This is related to the cycle of Uranus square Pluto, which will peak for the first two of seven times in June and September this year. We’ve been watching this cycle with the Middle East changes in leaders, Occupy Wall Street, Athens being burned, and Italy shut down from a transportation strike. We’ve also seen the way it impacts the Earth with the 9.0 earthquake in Japan last March and many earthquakes around the Earth. This cycle is also associated with attempts to control the internet, and with unexpected disruptions to electrical power, which can occur via major storms and massive flares from the Sun. With all these potential disruptions, be wise and take steps to be prepared for whatever may arise.