September 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerSeptember arrived, amid smokey wildfires, dramatic heat, and lots of folks of all ages back in school! At the moment it burst on the scene, the Sun in Virgo was conjunct Jupiter and exactly opposed Neptune in Pisces. The Moon in Aries was conjunct Uranus, square Pluto in Capricorn, and exactly trine the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Leo. Saturn was entering its last two weeks in Scorpio before transiting into Sagittarius. Most of us were probably asleep at midnight and gave no notice of all this; nevertheless, those complicated energies will continue to unfold during the whole month.

The parched earth of the western U.S. was on fire, creating a hazy film in the air, and difficulty seeing clearly. That is definitely one way to describe the configuration that began the month. Another way to view it, however, is to remember that a mere few days before the month started we had a Full Moon in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, and then at the start, the Sun was exactly opposing Neptune. Later in the month, Jupiter also will form an opposition with Neptune. The mysterious, boundaryless, and dreamy energy of Neptune remains in the background of our awareness all month. We could feel confused, unsure of our memory of events, receive information via dreams, of the day or nighttime variety, and feel more in tune with our intuition.

Yet all this Neptunian energy can be quite frustrating for the strong Virgo quality that the Sun and Jupiter (and later in the month, Mars) require for their expression. Virgo wants precision, and anything less can be quite annoying. So there is a need to find balance between our earth-bound work in details, and our capacity for spiritual enlightenment. This is an extraordinarily busy month astrologically, so it will be good to keep your feet on the ground while the planets move, change, and stir things up!

Meanwhile, Venus in her retrogradation, continued to ask for thoughtful consideration of relationship and financial issues. Because she has been in Leo for over a month, it has also been a time to be creative, as well as introspective. Such behavior may be judged by some to be self-serving, and it may be, but in a positive way and for good reason.

Mercury, now in Venus’ sign of Libra, provides encouragement by the willingness to seek a harmonious communication style. Mars, in contrast, sitting conjunct Venus in Leo, may tend to a more showy, “look at me” style. Flirting can be fun, and could help if one is in a situation where it is difficult to get a person’s attention. However, taking a serious look at a relationship, its positives and negatives, and trying to make a decision as to whether to move forward with it or let it go, will require going deeper than surface fun. The fact that the Moon, Uranus, and Pluto were involved with the Venus/Mars conjunction at the start of the month tells me that there are serious issues with Venus. Whether it is with relationships, or our values and resources, the need is to not play games. A lot is at stake.

Meanwhile, Saturn was at 29 degrees of Scorpio, having its last days in that watery fixed sign before entering Sagittarius, a fiery mutable sign! There couldn’t be more of a contrast and the energy will be changed between the beginning and the end of the month. The 29th degree is called the “anaretic” degree, considered a “critical” degree due to its being on the edge of change. Anaretic comes from a word meaning “killer” because it is the death of that sign, on the verge of the next sign.

Venus stationed direct at 1:30 AM PDT on September 6. At that time, Venus was still conjunct Mars, though Mars is now moving more quickly, and will move out of orb by the 15th. The direct motion will alter the Venus energy somewhat, but she will remain in the shadow of her retrograde until re-entering Virgo on October 8. This gives us time to continue to ponder/process how to make the changes we know need to be made.

September’s New Moon in Virgo arrives at 11:40 PM PDT on the 12th. It is also a partial solar eclipse, though visible only from the southern part of Africa. This New Moon is opposing Chiron almost exactly. There are other aspects, but they are minor compared to the Chiron opposition. Given Virgo’s predisposition toward finding fault with oneself, and Chiron’s openness to past woundedness, it will be important to pay attention, and be aware of the possibility of being triggered into old patterns of feeling wrong, cautious, or fearful that have little basis in the reality of who you are now. Try to reflect in a more detached way, and recognize these feelings, too, as behaviors that may no longer serve you, and that can be released.

The Sun in Virgo is trine to Pluto until mid-month, allowing a smooth flow of energy between the two, and encouraging us to let go of behaviors that may be holding us back from the actions that need to be taken, perhaps those realized during the Venus retrograde period. Virgo strives for improvement, and Pluto wants us to shed what is no longer useful. After the Sun is no longer trine Pluto it builds to a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon. This aspect may have us continuing to ask ourselves “what do I need to release in order to create the life that is best for me?”

The event many Scorpios have been waiting two and a half years for occurs on September 17 - that is the day Saturn enters Sagittarius again at 7:50 PM PDT, widely square both Neptune and Jupiter. This move from deeply emotional Scorpio to freedom-loving Sagittarius is a major change that we will see visibly in our lives. Saturn is the planet of rules and regulations, structure and limitations. Sagittarius wants to go beyond the strict limits, break the rules, see the truth, and free up the mind to see what’s outside the box. So it may very well be that these next years will have significant outcomes where it relates to our future.

Saturn in Sagittarius may have more of us facing the true facts about what we have been doing to limit our future. We may need to journey to the other culture, the one counter to the dominant paradigm of major media and political lobbying. In other words, we need to learn the truth of how our actions have altered nature as we knew it, and situated us in a position that will be difficult to endure, and sooner than we think. It would be very Jupiterian (ruler of Sagittarius) if we developed leaders who could actually take actions to benefit the collective. Saturn is always a taskmaster, and requires us to face our limitations, and live in the reality we have created. Sagittarius will help us with looking and planning ahead, viewing the overall forest rather than the trees. Together, the two archetypes will hopefully have us building structures that will serve the greater good.

Also on September 17, Mercury stations retrograde at 15 degrees 55 minutes Libra at 11:10 AM PDT. It will remain retrograde until October 9. Prior to the retrograde period is always a good time to backup your files. During the retrograde period it is usually helpful to double check important communications, to make sure you or the other person is not being misunderstood.

The Fall equinox occurs as the Sun enters the sign of Libra at 1:21 AM PDT on September 23. At that time, the Sun is conjunct the North Node of the Moon and sextile Saturn. This bodes a season when we will be more interested in reaping a harvest of better thoughts for the future, thoughts of people cooperating and co-creating what the collective really needs, rather than what will benefit the few. Then, in the last moments of September 24 PDT (early on the 25th for most of the U.S.), Pluto, which has slowed to a stop, will station direct at 12 degrees 58 minutes Capricorn.

There is a total lunar eclipse on the night of the Full Moon in Aries, September 27 at 7:50 PM PDT. It’s the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon or the Full Moon nearest the September equinox. It happens to be the closest supermoon (when the Moon is closest to the earth) of 2015. It is also called a Blood Moon because it presents the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart.

Wow that’s a lot! A very powerful Full Moon in Aries, conjunct the South Node! There’s the possibility of volatility for those not willing/able to keep their unconscious urges in check. For those of us committed to growing in consciousness, we will be more likely to be feeling the need to move forward, to further, with action, those concepts and frames of reference that can improve the lives of people now and in the future. Luckily, the eclipse should be visible from most of North America and all of South America after sunset September 27. The moon will pass onto the shadow of the earth cast by the Sun and appear dim and reddish.

In the final days of the month, we will experience a waxing mutable T-square. The opposition is between Jupiter/Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces; Saturn will square them all. It is a loose T-square, which will become more exact in October. It can, however, give us an inkling of what such energies may become (from the positive side), demanding a balance being found between exacting precision, boundaryless spirit, and forward-looking philosophical paradigms.

Until October, enjoy the new season.


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