The Super Moon Hype

by Dena DeCastro

Dena DeCastro Astrologer

Dispelling the SuperMoon Hysteria

As you may have heard, the upcoming “SuperMoon” (aka the Full Moon of March 19th in Virgo) has been enjoying quite a bit of notoriety over the past week or so on the internet. Unfortunately, once again astrologers are getting a bad rap for allegedly being the purveyors of inaccurate information. So, as an astrologer, I’d like to dispel some of the hype that’s come up around this term.

The upcoming Full Moon on March 19th is not so terribly different from other Full Moons. SuperMoons actually occur frequently, although they may vary in their distance from the earth. The March 19th Full Moon is not the closest that the Moon will ever be or has ever been to the earth. However, it may be slightly closer than other SuperMoons over the past several years, and is the closest it will be until 2016.

We may have several SuperMoons during the course of a year. According to astrologer Stephanie Austin, who writes the regular column in The Mountain Astrologer for each Full and New Moon, this year’s cycle of SuperMoons actually began on February 18th: “February 18th is the first of six SuperMoons this year when the Moon is both at perigee, it’s closest approach to the Earth, and at syzygy, in line with the Sun and Earth.”* While this closeness does intensify the electromagnetic pull between the Earth and the Moon, this upcoming Full Moon is not significantly different from many other SuperMoons we have encountered -- and have survived without incident. According to astrologer Richard Nolle, who actually coined the term “SuperMoon,” the current buzz has misrepresented the idea.

I do believe that there is a connection between earthquakes, extreme weather, and the Full/New Moon cycle. That would be common sense – the Moon affects the tides, and obviously has a gravitational pull on the earth that is observed and validated by science. Of course, many are already making a connection between the Japan Quake of March 11th and the upcoming SuperMoon on the 19th. That would be making a big leap, particularly as March 11th was more than a week prior to the Full Moon.

Yet, there are several planetary events within this current window of time – from March 11th through the New Moon in Aries on April 4th – that do in fact bode a very stressful and intense time in general, for the planet and for us. (For more about the current planetary lineup, please refer to the main article for Dena's March newsletter: "Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and World Events." and the following articles on FindAnAstrologer:
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A tumultuous time is already reflected in the current transits of the planets -- we don’t need the SuperMoon to tell us that.

Dena will be posting a podcast soon on the Japan Quake and the astrological factors currently at play. The footage and news that is starting to emerge is heartbreaking. I endeavor to focus on the possibilities for miraculous survival amidst such devastation.

*You can find Stephanie Austin’s summary of the Full and New Moons for February and March in The Mountain Astrologer, Feb/March 2011, pgs. 103-105



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