Take a Breather: Enjoy This Summer!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerEver since 2008, every equinox and solstice we've had has been full of transformation (ie permanent changes) and/or unexpected, even radical changes. This process reminded me of walking across a river on slippery, wet rocks. You never knew if your next step would be a stable one or if you would land in the river. In some cases, it even felt like various forms of wildlife might be hot on your heels as you contemplated your next move.

Thank heavens, this summer is different! In fact, since 2008, this is the first time we've had what I call a breather. It's like we've made it across that rushing river to the other side. Oh yes, there are more challenges up ahead for sure. For now though, we have time to relax and enjoy some much needed, nurturing time with friends, family and even just for us. This is the time to stop and rest, enjoy some fun and regenerate yourself in the best ways you can. This summer is a great blessing for us, so take advantage of it.

The first day of Summer (Summer Solstice) on the west coast begins late on June 20th at 10:05 PM. On the east coast, the first day of Summer begins early on June 21st at 1:05 AM. What makes this summer so special? MANY things, but here are the highlights that really stand out ,and these energies are for the entire summer.

The Sun and Jupiter are in a very unusual and special "Grand Trine" configuration with both Neptune and Saturn.) This is a rare situation that suggest creative expansion, visionary ideas, and the ability to put a foundation under those visions. Yes, make them real, using real world strategies and tactics! The energy is there to do that. This set of cycles is excellent for creating or introducing videos, movies, television shows, YouTube videos, and much more. It's also ideal for all types of art work, but especially art that is inspiring or nurturing in some way. There's also an emphasis on homes, home life, nurturing others and ourselves.

Mercury and Venus are tightly conjunct (in the same space) in the sign of Cancer. The Moon in Scorpio is also still trine them. This is a fabulous summer for gathering with friends or family and just talking and eating. Get out the barbecue, some strawberry shortcake and have at it! It's also a great time to write. Thinking of writing a book, article, or teaching a class? This is the time to do it. Communications this summer should be pleasant, fun and even joyful.

Mars in Gemini sextile Uranus. There's also energy for breakthrough ideas. These ideas could feed into a new vision. Or you may just find you have more energy than usual. Get some extra exercise (the fun kind of course) to help dissipate some of this extra energy. Go for hikes. Check out new places. There's energy to shift old patterns easily and try new things.

Of course, we still have our revolutionary energies afoot. (Uranus square Pluto) We've been experiencing these energies strongly during the past three months. On the east coast, these energies are still strong (Pluto in the 10th house with Uranus in the first house), but somewhat subdued (Uranus is intercepted). Even revolutionaries need to take a break now and then!

Here's my recommendation: Relax. Take a breather. Enjoy a vacation or just do something fun and different. We've been through a lot to get to this resting point. Next year we may need to save the world again. So rest up now while you can!

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