Taking the High Road in June

by Joan Kiley

hiking on mountain roadJune began with many strong and difficult aspects, boding another challenging month. However, many of those aspects were in mutable signs, providing high probability for movement and change. There were two T-squares. One had an opposition between the Moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, both square the Sun in Gemini. The second had an opposition between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, both square to Chiron in Pisces. Then there was the fiery triple conjunction of Eris, Venus and Uranus in Aries, all trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Lastly, for a bit of earth, we had Mercury in Taurus in a strong trine with Pluto in Capricorn.

We saw lots of Saturn! It was aspecting 6 celestial bodies, so we knew a grounding in reality was in order. There was lots of Mercury, which rules both Gemini and Virgo, so seeking information was going to be key, and observing how we communicate would be important. Venus was popping in Aries, Mercury was in Venus-ruled Taurus, and there was a sextile between Venus and Mars. Thus, relationships and what we value would also share the stage. And then there was Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, seeking higher consciousness, but possibly getting tripped up in fantasy or delusion. All of these issues of interest, at the start of the month, reappear over and over during June.

In the first week of the month, Saturn in Sagittarius was the focus, since it was the most aspected planet. It opposed Mars in Gemini, and the two of them squared Chiron. Tensions around authority were to be expected. Actions taken might have seemed logical and rational at the time, but consequences may not have been as expected, if we were unconscious of the fact that our motives were based on fears or outdated beliefs that no longer have any purpose in our life. Much of what we continue to struggle with during these times is what must be released so that we can move on. This is not only in our personal lives, but in the collective as well.

Saturn was also trine the triple conjunction in Aries of Eris, Venus and Uranus, while Mars was sextile the Aries planets, as well as being the ruler of Aries. The planets in Aries could symbolize a progressive, more radical or revolutionary position, while Saturn the more conservative or status-quo position. These were not in tense aspect, but strongly relating. This tells me there was movement, change, perhaps unexpected ways we found, that with effort, we could work together with others, and influence each other to improve things by respecting different viewpoints.

On June 4, Mars entered Cancer at 9:16 AM PDT. It was still opposing Saturn, but less strongly because it was out of sign. At that time, the Moon was in Libra and beginning to oppose the triple conjunction in Aries. Despite the opposition, the Libra Moon would have increased the desire to find ways to see other points of view, or at least act as though that were the case.

Venus moved into her own sign of Taurus at 12:27 AM PDT on June 6, leaving her conjunction with Eris, and beginning to move away from Uranus as well, yet maintaining a strong sextile with Mars. Later that day, Mercury shifted into its own sign of Gemini, at 3:16 PM PDT, increasing the emphasis on the personal planets.

Also on June 6, the waxing Moon in Scorpio formed a trine with Neptune, reminding us that it is Neptune who has been urging us to greater consciousness, and the Moon in Scorpio may take us to our emotional depths in order to get that process moving. The outer world may be whirling about, and feeling chaotic, but it is each of us, in our own individual way, that can calm the beast by being true to our highest self.

Neptune took on even more intensity with the Full Moon in Sagittarius, on June 9 at 6:09 AM PDT. With the Sun in Gemini, the Moon in Sagittarius, and both squared Neptune, it was a search for truth. Mercury, strong in its sign of communicating, also provided the opportunity for speaking truth. Not all these moments were pleasant ones. Some were quite shocking! With Saturn but 6 degrees away from the Moon, and Pluto quincunx the Sun and semi-sextile the Moon, it was a “take no prisoners” moment, if and when reality sunk in, and we were asked a simple question about it. The rose-colored glasses suddenly lost their pink. Surprised yes, but we need not have been. We have known that Uranus the “awakener” has been operating big time, the Full Moon stimulus for the mind and communication was upon us, Neptune wanted us to grow in consciousness, and Saturn kept the “pedal to the metal.”

We got an additional acceleration of the effect of the Full Moon by Jupiter stationing direct just moments later, at 7:03 AM PDT. It’s as if suddenly, our faith in ourself got a kick-start in a positive direction. No holding back. It’s not that blunt statements of fact, and/or strong feelings, were being spoken with intent to hurt others. But the time had come, the time to release and speak what had been waiting in the wings.

It is amazing, despite the shock of speaking the truth when we least expect to, how relieved we are when it is done. Some enabling “nice” part of us may want to take it back, and wait for a better day, but knowing it is said and done, is often the stimulus for feeling better about ourselves. We took a step forward. We let go of being less than honest, a state of mind and heart that may itself have been holding us back.

The Full Moon’s strong effect remained for most of the ensuing weekend. Even as the Moon moved on into Capricorn, the Sun remained opposed Saturn, square to Neptune, and trine to Jupiter, now direct. Mercury also began forming a trine to Jupiter. On Sunday, June 11, the Moon was conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter and sextile Neptune. With all of that, the day had a moody quality to it. We may have had feelings that, indeed, there was much to be done, and we had an urge to take action. Yet, there was also an acknowledgement that we lacked all the information needed to make a clear decision. Thus, resting and taking a break gave all that was roiling within a chance to gestate further.

On June 13, despite the growing tension of the Sun/Saturn opposition, there was a general lightening of the mood, when the Aquarius Moon formed an air grand trine with Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra. By evening, the Moon was trine the Sun as well. There was more friendly conversation and exchange of ideas, perhaps not in U.S. Senate hearings, but in the workplace, in the family, and the neighborhood.

The Sun/Saturn opposition will be exact on June 15, and the two will form a T-square with Chiron. It is interesting that Saturn is also opposed the Earth that day, in that the Earth comes between the Sun and Saturn, an important synchronicity for us earthlings, and emphasizes the strength of Saturn this month. The Sun/Saturn opposition is a time for looking closely at our current path. Is the “status quo” really our best option? Or, with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, is it time for looking at some fresh ideas, learning a thing or two from others? And with the Moon in Aquarius, is it time for something original, even a bit quirky? Saturn is also trine Uranus and Eris, so daring to be different, and a bit rebellious, might just be the answer.

That same day the Moon in Pisces trines Mars in Cancer, and conjuncts Neptune. With the T-square to Chiron, it is extremely likely to have childhood memories come to consciousness, with some not so fond recollections. Yet with the Moon trine Mars in the Moon’s sign, we may feel protective of family and those we love, or are expected to love. Nevertheless, the strong Saturn demands we be our own best parent, and be realistic about how we handle the feelings that are awakened. We are being asked to be a responsible adult, consider whether our responses are mature and realistic, considering where our life journey has brought us to date.

When the Moon is within a degree of exact conjunction with Neptune, at 4:11 AM PDT on June 16, Neptune stations retrograde. It will remain retrograde until November 22. We often think of Neptune’s retrograde period as accenting or increasing our sensitivity to perceptions and feelings often out of our reach. With the Moon conjunct Neptune at this critical moment of stationing retrograde, I see the whole retrograde period as being extremely important to the key issues symbolized by the Moon. Those may range from family, parenting, nurturing, and wordless reactions to stimuli, i.e., feelings, to one of the most important issues—memory.

It will be critical for getting the most of this Neptune retrograde period, to pay close attention to our dreams, images that come to us at quiet times, during moments of musing or daydreaming. Write, draw, paint those images, and don’t get frustrated if at first they seem not to make sense to you. Trust them. It is a time for strengthening your intuition, and for allowing important memories to emerge. They may be from this lifetime or a past lifetime. Either way, they will come forward to assist in your integration and evolution.

For people who are already particularly sensitive, a Neptune retrograde period may feel overwhelming. Be self-protective, give yourself space and be sure to utilize your support system of trusted friends. The shadow side of Neptune symbolizes addiction. Keep this in mind when you’re tempted to self-medicate.

The Sun/Saturn opposition, with the T-square to Chiron, stays strong through the Summer Solstice, the moment when the Sun enters Cancer and we start the summer season. For those in the Pacific time zone, that occurs at 9:25 PM PDT on June 20. Mercury has been conjunct the Sun, since mid-month, and also moves into Cancer less than 6 hours after the Sun, at 2:58 AM PDT on June 21.

The sign of Cancer gets its full due on June 23, with the New Moon in its own sign at 2 degrees 47 minutes Cancer at 7:30 PM PDT, conjunct Mercury. Saturn is exactly trine Eris at that moment, and more widely trine Uranus. Venus and Pluto are exactly trine. What a great time for a new start! The start of a new Moon cycle in a cardinal sign, in the Moon’s own sign, and at the start of a new season! Affirm your desire to be of assistance to the collective, to your community, to your own personal journey! It’s the moment to stand up for yourself, to dream big. What is it you really want?

The final week of the month, Mars in Cancer is featured. Mars is trine retrograde Neptune, and also forms a T-square with Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Positive action can, and needs to be taken. Having the Sun and Mercury also in Cancer pushes the Cancer archetype to the forefront. This will be a great time to take on that project that you’ve been thinking about, particularly if it will improve your home, or mean better protection for your loved ones, or defending what is near and dear to you. Though Mars the warrior isn’t always comfortable in Cancer, and could be a little overreactive, it can also stand up to power, and fight for the rights of the underdog with courage and daring! If the underdog happens to be you, then take that step and defend what you value. Venus in Taurus will be sextile Mars. Mercury will be conjunct Mars, so speak your truth!

In the final few days of the month, Neptune and Pluto come rising to the forefront once again, with multiple aspects. It is yet another reminder of the deeply transforming quality of the times we are living in. Keep making changes, allow what’s needing to emerge, and have faith in yourself!

Joan Kiley AstrologerSee you next month.


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