The Cardinal Grand Cross and Lunar Ecplise June 2011

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer

June is chock full of important astrological events. The Gemini New Moon arrives accompanied by a partial Solar Eclipse at 2:02 PM PDT on June 1. This "darkening" of the Sun is only visible on certain parts of the earth (according to NASA, this eclipse is visible in e Asia, n N. America, and Iceland), but its importance extends to the entire planet. The term "Solar Eclipse" defines an alignment of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, such that the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth, causing the Sun to be hidden from view on the Earth. Because it always occurs on a New Moon, a solar eclipse marks a time of new beginnings.

This particular eclipse, with both the Sun and Moon in Gemini, may indicate the gathering of new information, news of a major life event, or change of direction. It can be useful to think of eclipses as gateways, openings or opportunities to move forward in our life. Openings allow the flow of energy - both in an inward and outward direction. It happens that on this eclipse, Saturn is making a lovely trine to the the Sun and Moon, encouraging us to use whatever information that comes to us in a disciplined, responsible way. Just was you would during any New Moon cycle, think about what you would like to see happen going forward. This is a time for visioning, imagining what you need to move ahead, and thinking about what needs to be released or what needs to be created.

Don't be too quick to take action with the new information you receive. Keep an open mind and be patient, especially if at first you feel uncomfortable. You may not have all of the information yet, or you might need time for your conscious mind to make adjustments to the changes ahead.

Mercury darts into its own sign of Gemini on June 2. This is quite a change, from slow moving, deliberate Taurus, to lively, chatty Gemini. This move can be great for multi-tasking, but not so hot for focused concentration. But not to worry - whatever comes, it will be easier to cope with by adding a dash of Gemini humor and openness to shift in response!

On June 3, Neptune stations retrograde, from within its own sign of Pisces, for a 5-month stint. Let this slow backward moving phase open you to internally-initiated spiritual insights. Take time to listen to your "inner voice." Expect, then honor, an increase in your intuitive abilities. If there are issues, particularly spiritual ones, that have confused you, or solutions that have eluded you in the last period of Neptune's direct motion, take special note of insights that may come your way over this next 5 months. Talk things out with someone you trust, because illusion, delusion, and overwhelm can be common snags in coming to resolution.

June 4 finds giant Jupiter easing its way out of Aries and into earthy Taurus. From Aries to Taurus we see a major slowdown occur for this planet of spirit and philosophy. Jupiter will give us a year to improve our connection with materiality, the substance of life. That can mean a healthier, more refined relationship with your own material substance—your body and monetary assets. Perhaps begin a plan for better eating (see that it is healthier, not just more), an exercise regimen, strategies for reducing stress, and creating more pleasure in your daily life. And then work at improving your monetary situation.

Because multiple planets in Gemini and Taurus give us somewhat of a reprieve from the intensity we've been experiencing this year, it might be easy to feel that there is little of importance happening in the planetary sphere. You can indeed enjoy the longer days, the easier social interaction with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini (increasing even more on June 9, when Venus joins them). But don't take the "ease" for granted.

There are some configurations brewing that will likely shock our world yet again. Uranus and Pluto are moving closer and closer, preparing for a record-setting seven exact squares with each other in the next few years, and if history is any indication, we're in for a wild ride. The cry for freedom that we have been hearing in many countries with stagnant dictatorships, the unrest in our own country when basic rights are threatened, plus the natural disasters creating intense suffering on various continents, gives us a bit of a preview of what could be in store. It is important to remember, however, that those same archetypes work at the individual level. Pay attention to where you are experiencing stagnation. What is crying out in you for freedom and change? Ask yourself for clues as to how you can step up your own evolution.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and often stagnation (as it clings to the status quo), is once again stationing direct on June 12. As it continues its way through the sign of Libra, take note of an accent on partnerships and balancing both sides of an issue. Look for a way to bring fairness and/or compromise to negotiations. Stand by your convictions, but try not letting your positions harden to the point of rigidity.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

A full lunar eclipse occurs on the Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 15 at 1:15 PM PDT. This opposition conjuncts the lunar nodes, with the Moon on the North Node in Sagittarius. With this nodal conjunction, the Full Moon and eclipse could bring out more fundamentalism in politics and religion. As light is shed on old prejudices and beliefs, but not based on current reality, look for discordant acts by those unwilling to respond to the profound need for change that is now emerging. Meanwhile, as individuals we can take a look at our own outmoded beliefs. See what is holding you back from a more all-encompassing big-picture philosophical position.

The days get increasingly longer in our Northern Hemisphere until the Summer Solstice at 10:20 AM PDT on June 21. As the Sun joins Mercury in Cancer, a Cardinal Grand Cross is formed with Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and of course, Pluto in Capricorn. This is a stunning, intense standoff, despite only one of the squares (Saturn and Mercury) being exact. The intensity is softened, however, by the Sun and Neptune in trine, both of them also in sextile to Jupiter. So our awareness of the need for radical change should be refined by a spiritual quality in the atmosphere, heightening our sensitivity to positive solutions rather than intractable problems.

The Grand Cross energy holds sway through the end of the month, and then the pressure builds toward the first Uranus/Pluto exact square. We may long for cooler days and cooler heads as we enter July and experience yet another Solar Eclipse on the New Moon July 1.


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