The March 2011 Counterpunch

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer

We floated into March on Tuesday, with five planets plus Chiron in a Pisces stellium, giving us the energy of increased sensitivity, heightened intuition, and the feeling that we are seeing below surface appearances. On Thursday March 3, the Moon moves into Pisces as well, and the “life as a dream” experience intensifies. The Pluto/Mars sextile, plus Chiron in Pisces, will give energy to the ideals of introspection, compassionate service, and forgiveness. When the New Moon in Pisces arrives on Friday, March 4 at 12:45 PM PST, we can take full advantage of this mystical energy by spending a few moments that day in meditation, and by visioning positive affirmations for ourselves and the planet. Our capacity for sensing the connectedness of all beings is greatly enhanced at that time.

All this dreaminess, however, has a powerful counterpunch via the action-oriented Jupiter in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn plus a waxing opposition between Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, which is forcing us to seek balance amid uproar. Our impulse to take action, to bring about massive change, is in full force. This will take many forms. Look at the number of governors trying to change nearly a century’s worth of history by breaking up worker unions. Consider the huge number of people across the nation expressing their resistance to that change by publicly rallying against the oppressive action. The people of Libya are in a full state of revolution while their corrupt dictator of the last 40 years states, “There are no demonstrations against me. All my people love me.” Know that this phenomenon of extremes is not only playing out on the world stage, but within each of us as well.

The intensity will only increase as the month goes on. When Uranus moves into Aries on Friday, March 11 at 5:50 PM PDT, we’ll see one of the most volatile planets sitting on the Aries point (the most potent degree of the zodiac) to further amp up the energy for both personal and collective evolution. Uranus will give impetus to the optimism of Jupiter as these two planets once again unite in fiery Aries, this time to oppose the contracting and limiting energy of Saturn in Libra. Look at those parts of yourself that want to maintain the status quo in juxtaposition to those parts of you that desire change.

Mercury will also have moved into Aries at that time and will be sitting at the focal point of a kite formation sextiling both the Moon and Venus. This means that it may be time for an inner negotiating session in which your heart is given a bigger voice than your mind.

The following weekend brings both the Full Moon, the Spring Equinox and a very new energy. The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on Saturday, March 19 at 11:11 AM PDT and the Spring Equinox is the following day, Sunday March 20 at 4:21 PM PDT. The Full Moon finds the Sun and Moon in the very last degrees of Pisces and Virgo, which will give us that feeling once again of being on the edge of a precipice, with little choice but to step out and “spring” forward. The Spring Equinox has the Sun joining Uranus on the powerful Aries point, and the Pisces stellium we started the month with will have morphed into an Aries stellium, with a very different kind of mood and energy! Gone is the dreamy mysticism of Pisces, replaced with Aries fiery new-birth energy and feelings of separation, freedom, and urge for action. We are all thrust forward, ready or not, to change our personal and collective futures.

The month of March ends with the Moon foreshadowing several key events of the future, which I'll elaborate more in future posts. The last quarter Moon on the 26th conjuncts Pluto, emphasizing a T-Square of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto and the transformative potential for change to come. In the final days of the month, the Moon makes its last pass over Neptune in Aquarius before Neptune moves into its own sign of Pisces in early April, marking the beginning of a 14-year passage through the final sign of the zodiac (excepting a few months retrograde back into Aquarius this year) .

At any time, my friends, I welcome your stories of how these events play out in your life!

And a quick preview of April: Mercury starts its next retrograde period March 30, about 1:45 PM PDT and goes direct around 3 AM on April 23. Mercury will be in the sign of Aries for the entire retrograde period.


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