The May Full Moon

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer

After April’s excess of Aries fire, May’s New Moon in Taurus, May 2 at 11:52 PM PDT, arrived like a wee vacation, allowing us a few moments to breathe in some earthy solid Venusian energy. The breather was shortlived, however, for the energetic backdrop was still the heartbeat of Aries, with Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars continuing their march through the warrior’s sign.

A Taurus Sun is powerful fixed earth energy, wanting to move us slowly and surely toward a solid outcome. During the first half of May, however, the fiery initiative of Aries continues to dominate Taurus. Aries urges us to take brave immediate action and forward motion regardless of outcomes.

Pluto, too, is now retrograde and moving closer to an exact square with Uranus. You can see this energy at play in the world through the events of May 3, as demonstrators in San Francisco loudly demanded (a good Aries illustration as well as Pluto/Uranus) accountability "NOW" from big bank Wells Fargo. The anger at being “sold out” to big banks and corporations, the urge towards freedom from oppression, the need to make one’s voice heard - each an expression of this powerful archetypal conflict - are all being echoed around the world.

Meanwhile as retrograde Saturn moves closer to an exact square to Pluto, we see the polarizing energies of conservative vs. liberal politics scream louder in Washington and elsewhere, with little to no resolution in sight.

In our own lives we feel this same pressure of crisis, and we feel the urge to take action, even if we don't know exactly what that is. But there is hope and a balancing energy in the air in the form of an increase in intuition thanks to the powerful vehicle of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. That planetary blend grants us the potential to shed the old clothes in our closet - all of those things in our lives that no longer fit with who we are becoming. It's time to take a chance, make the change, and at the least allow the thoughts of such action to grab hold in your mind.

On May 11, Mercury moved out of its retrograde shadow. Through an exact conjunction with both Venus and Jupiter, new ideas, and the capacity for communicating in new ways, are given added strength and charm, fueling contributions to teamwork and project development.

Mars moves into Taurus that same day. This really changes the dynamic. Mars and Venus are then in mutual reception, which means that each is in the sign ruled by the other, creating a dynamic interplay of energy between the two. Mars, which is by nature intensely focused on action, freedom, and forward movement while in Aries, will slow down now, and become more methodical. This doesn’t mean that you will accomplish less —it just means that your action will be less impulsive, and you will be more inclined to finish what you start.

From May 11 through the Full Moon on May 17 at 4:08 AM PDT we will notice a strong connection between the Mars, Venus and Mercury combo sextiling Neptune in early Pisces. This aspect increases the stimulating energy between those planets. As Venus and Mercury follow Mars into Taurus during that week, stimulated by Neptune, we will see an increase in our intuitive power for planning projects or plotting action. We may also seek some resolution of either short- or long-term difficulties in relationships.

The days following the Full Moon could bring some long sought out compromises based on practicalities in financial and/or environmental issues for individuals, groups, and/or governments. May 24-25 may see us encouraging a more compassionate look at the earth and its inhabitants, plus a willingness to take time for introspection. Be careful not to waste those precious moments avoiding experiencing your true feelings, or trying to manipulate the truth of what you really feel.

By the end of the month, the Sun in Gemini forms a trine with Saturn in Libra, allowing smooth transitions and resolutions based on focused communication and discipline, plus providing us a preview of the New Moon in Gemini on June 1.


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