The Portents of the September Lunar Cycle

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer It’s September! Think autumn, harvest, the beginning of the end of the year. We begin to see color changes—in the leaves, in the light, in the shortening days. Astrologically, the month started with the personal planets spread out in four signs: Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Leo, the Sun and Venus in Virgo, the Moon in Libra. Later this month, they consolidate in Libra, but early on it’s almost like they are in free spirit mode, each doing their own thing, concerning with wrapping up business from the summer. If we look around, we humans are doing the same - tieing up loose ends with task-oriented Virgo spirit before we can get down to the business of harvesting what we sowed in the spring.

The chart for September 1st includes an earthy grand trine—Sun and Venus in Virgo, Jupiter retrograde in Taurus and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The energy of this trine will continue through the first weeks of the month but expect an intensification in the energy midmonth. The flow of earth energy continues nearly through the New Moon, serving to help keep us grounded, with the capacity to accomplish our goals with efficiency and practicality.

The Full Moon in Pisces takes place on Monday, September 12 at 2:26 AM PDT, and forms a mutable Grand Cross with the Moon’s Nodes. Mercury, now direct in Virgo, completes the earth Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto. There is a somber quality about this harvest moon, as if it foretells the last days of summer and the dying of the light for another year. Take a break from all the Virgo “doing” and honor this Full Moon in Pisces with at least a few moments of “being.”

Just days later, Venus moves into her own sign of Libra, and at the moment Pluto moves direct on the 16th, Venus exactly opposes Uranus, and forms a T-square with Pluto. So while Venus may find comfort in her own sign, she may be discomfited by her relationship with the volatile duo of Pluto and Uranus. Does she seek to partner? Or go her own independent way?  Does she find balance in her relationship, or does she completely redefine and transform how she sees relationship altogether? Many of us will be prickled with such questions. The important thing is to express your own unique style however you spin the moment for yourself.

The changing of the seasons is complete at the Fall Equinox, 2:10 AM PDT September 23, as the Sun moves somewhat gently into Libra. I say somewhat because it forms a waxing opposition to Uranus in fiery Aries, exact two days and two degrees later, which provides an invigorating stimulus toward taking a stand, and for decision-wary Libra that’s not comforting. The Moon and Mars are conjunct in Leo at the moment of the Equinox, and this boosts the signature of fire. The autumn color may not only be in the trees!

The New Moon arrives at 4:08 AM PDT on Tuesday, September 27, sitting in a 5-planet stellium in Libra and exactly squaring Pluto. The Moon and Sun are accompanied by Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Mercury is exactly opposing Uranus. This New Moon foretells a faceoff of sorts, thoughts of rebellion in a positive vein - molting, casting aside old patterns of thought and deed that no longer serve us. Always of value in a New Moon time are moments of visioning, conscious dreaming, imagining what your highest self would be moving toward if given the choice. Then…make the choice.

The Pluto/Uranus square is moving away from exact through the end of the year. But the disruptive nature of that square never really leaves the scene. We are left with some months of clean-up and not a small amount of post-traumatic stress before the next rekindling of that volcanic nature, both within ourselves and in the world, early in 2012. The world is being changed, both by conscious intention and by unconscious reactions to revolutionary events.

Since you have a choice, why not join with those making conscious intention their mode of being/doing if you haven’t already? It’s an amazing opportunity for evolution. You will not only be living the change. You will be co-creating it!

Have an amazing September!


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