The Timing of Edward Snowden's Charges

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the US government filed charges against Edward Snowden, now known in the media as the Leaker, on June 14th. In the Eastern time zone, June 14th had a Time-Out until 12:27 PM that day. Of course they could also have filed the charges in the afternoon, during a Yellow Final Result. That would yield some results, but not meet their expectations.

So far, with China, Hong Kong and Russia telling the US that they are not returning Snowden (China/Hong Kong having let him leave, and Moscow refusing to extradite him) it looks to me like they probably filed those charges during the Time-Out on June 14th. If so, then nothing would come of those charges. This would most likely mean that he would never be returned to the US, at least not extradited for these charges.

Even if the government managed to file those charges during the afternoon of June 14th, their results will not be good. The final cycle for the Yellow Final Result on that day was Moon square Jupiter. It's interesting that Jupiter represents the law and courts. This particular Jupiter in Gemini is incompetent or doing things he shouldn't be doing. So even if they got Snowden back, with the filing of the charges at that time, the trial would not yield the results they want.

The three charges that the US government filed in court against Edward Snowden were 1) theft of government property, 2) unauthorized communication of national defense information, and 3) willful communication of classified communications intelligence. Since two of these charges are espionage related, and these are considered to be political "crimes" by Interpol, the US was not able to seek a "red notice" from Interpol. If they had been able to do that, then 190 member countries would have been looking to arrest Snowden. But this is not what happened.

Last night Jupiter, which represents the judicial system, moved into the sign of Cancer, where it's exalted. This is the honored guest. the judge who upholds what is really right, not what they're paid to say. While it's there, Jupiter will oppose Pluto and square Uranus, unleashing a flurry of constitutional issues. These will peak next April 2014. If Snowden gets returned to the US (a BIG IF), then it's most likely that the constitution will be upheld, assuming the case goes to court and is decided before mid-July 2014, when Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo.

It's ironic that if the government had filed those charges on June 13th, Snowden would probably have been returned. That date had a good final result. At a subconscious level, these government workers are subconsciously choosing the most appropriate timing for the most appropriate outcome, ie whistleblower status for Snowden. They will probably continue to make timing mistakes, so that this result occurs.

In the meantime, it appears that Edward Snowden has the Universe at his back.

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