Uranus and Jupiter in Aries

by Maurice Fernandez

Maurice FernandezThe planets Uranus and Jupiter have entered the first sign of the zodiac Aries and will stay there for three months, only to return next year 2011. The sign of Aries represents the effort to breakthrough, just like a baby finding his or her way out through the birth canal—it embodies strength, action towards change, and creativity. Needless to say that these two planets visiting Aries cause a great deal of restlessness because the desire to take a new direction is felt ever more pressingly. Have you felt a need to reinvent yourself or embark on new ventures? If so, you are in tune with what is going on…yet, the evolutionary incentive here is to learn proper action and not simply burst forward. Uranus is the planet that represents the higher mind, the conscious self, the greater perspective; in the sign of Aries, it calls upon us to observe the way we act and requires that if progress be made, action must be conscious. In other words, we cannot simply repeat the same patterns on different stages—a completely different approach and mode of action is required. In a way, Uranus in Aries represents the necessity to connect the animal and the master within us—the root chakra with the third eye—which means instinct with higher consciousness. If our actions are not conscious, we can expect erratic temper, reacting behavior, wasted energy, and failure. “Reflect upon your own violence; free yourself from your own self-righteousness so that you may gain true clarity in your course of action—then, act firmly and with precision.” That is what I perceive as a central Uranus in Aries message.

T Square 2010

I think the message is clear that we are now in a period of accelerated changes. Because of this, there is much confusion, restlessness, and insecurity, along with strong impatience to see the transformation happen. The way to make sense of things and to really use this time to our advantage begins with solidarity and cultivating a support system—we have to be there for one another…it is fundamental: confront but seek understanding; denounce, but do not exempt yourself from examination; change, but do not expect perfection. Remain firm, truthful, and heart-centered, but importantly, do not take yourself too seriously. With true humility, true guidance comes; then the power of manifestation is without bounds.

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