Venus Retrograde 2015 Starts July 25

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerVenus retrogrades in 2015 from July 25th through September 6th. This cycle is designed to help you rethink relationships and finances. This doesn’t have to be a “bad” cycle, as many people characterize it. It can actually be quite helpful! 

The Venus retrograde cycle occurs roughly every 19 months and it lasts about 6 weeks. This is a time when we rethink relationships, finances and our values. These topics are all tied together via how much we value ourself.

In any personal relationship, what we really have to give is ourself. The more we value ourself, the more we attract loving and appropriate life partners and friends to us. In the same way, the more we value ourself, the more money and prosperity we allow ourself to have and receive easily. So they are all tied together. The key is how much we value ourself.

This particular Venus retrograde is very interesting. There’s a love story going on here and some more help for prosperity! However, we have a little bit of work to do first.

On July 25th, when Venus starts to move backwards from our perspective on Earth (i.e. retrograde), she is barely into the sign of Virgo. That is Venus’ most challenging sign (fall), and this suggests that as the Venus retrograde begins, we perceive the financial situation to be quite challenging, either for the world, our own country, and/or personally.

Fortunately, Venus only stays in that sign for 5 more days after she starts moving backwards. Venus will be in Virgo from July 18 – 30. As Venus begins the retrograde cycle, she pretty quickly runs into Jupiter, the planet of abundance and growth. So although we have some challenging financial news from the middle of July, there is a small amount of help for this now.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is exact on August 4th. However, it’s also very strong on August 1st – 5th. However, Venus and Jupiter are also square to Saturn at this time, so there’s might not be as much money as you would probably like. Maybe it’s just enough to cover the necessities. If so, be grateful! Venus squares Saturn exactly on August 5th and this aspect stays in range July 1st – August 17th.

Just as Venus moves past Jupiter again, she immediately runs into Mercury. This cycle of Venus conjunct Mercury is strong for communications, relationships, and money, since Mercury is associated with transactions occurring. So it’s easy to get more money from August 1st – 6th. However, it may not enough to make you feel like you have any extra.

If that’s the case, just be grateful for whatever comes your way and start focusing on unexpected money that could come to you in unusual ways. Because starting August 7th, Venus starts approaching another great cycle (trine) with Uranus, suggesting that unexpected money or love is very possible. Watch for it and expect it! This peaks on August 19th.

Late on August 10th Pacific time or very early August 11th Eastern time, Venus starts to meet up with the Sun. This can be challenging for her, since she’s no longer “seen” by us (too close to the Sun to be seen). This suggests that there could be financial and relationship situations we don’t know about or understand correctly. If so, we may not get clarity about them until August 15th, when Venus and the Sun exactly meet. It’s best not to assume you know all the relevant information. In general, this is a harmonious cycle.

Now let's look at the relationship situation. For nearly the entire retrograde, Venus is heading towards Mars. They finally meet very late Pacific time on August 31st or very early on September 1st Eastern time, after a week of playing “footsie” (within 7 degrees of each other). We could see a classic game of romantic cat and mouse at this time, especially with lovers from the past, or those we already know. Venus moves forward at 14 degrees of Leo on September 6th, the same degree where she met Mars. She finally catches up to him (Mars) again on November 2nd in the sign of Virgo, the sign of the sacred marriage (Venus in Virgo = priestess. Mars in Virgo = priest.) So an amazing story of healing between the lovers may start then. 

In the meantime though, she (Venus) has another encounter with either unexpected love or money (or both!). This is the last peak of the Venus trine Uranus cycle. They meet for the last of three times on September 22nd, just after the Fall Equinox. So this Venus retrograde cycle offers plenty of possibilities for love or money. If you’re reconsidering a past relationship, you may find yourself in a scenario similar to this during August and September.

This cycle is usually NOT good for new loans, but it can be an excellent time to refinance an old loan, provided you get refinanced with better interest rates and terms. It’s also a tough cycle for finalizing a deal. Often deals get renegotiated or they may fall apart during Venus retrograde. Normally it's best to sign any big deals before or after this cycle. However, it's possible that some deals will come together late in this cycle, since Venus and Mars meet Aug 31st/ Sept 1st.

For the above reasons, this is usually not a good time to sign contracts. It’s also not a good time to start a new company (usually underfunded), launch a web site (not enough sales) or invest in a new product line, merge your company with another, etc. You don’t really know the value of something and the finances could be weaker than ideal. However, this will be better than most Venus retrogrades at the end of August and early September. 

Lastly, Venus retrograde is notorious for relationships that are on the rocks finally giving up and announcing their ending or separation. Although that’s a common scenario, this time the couple may get back together, as mentioned above. So if friends or family members go through a separation, consider the possibility that a reunion may occur downstream.

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