Erin Sullivan "As We Move Forward"

Erin Sullivan AstrologerDecember 2009 is a month of very powerful planetary alignments. AstrologerErin Sullivan was recently interviewed by Chris Flisher on his radio show "Turning of the Wheel" to discuss what we might expect as we move forward into the extremely powerful year ahead of us. 2010 will present enormous challenges and opportunities and Erin gives us a sense of the terrain ahead. Listen here.

Free Astrology Interviews

The Art and Science of Astrology Podcast has just posted their extensive series of interviews with many top astrologers at NORWAC 2009, and has posted them for free listening and download. Listen to interviews with Richard Tarnas, Steven Forrest, Demetra George, Alan Oken, Jeff Jawer and more! Thanks to for sharing this great work. Stop by the EngagedHeart website for a full list of interviews.

New Beginning Astrology Book Released!

Astrology and the Evolution of ConsciousnessMaurice Fernandez has recently released his book, Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness. Adding to the genre of beginning astrology texts, this one takes a unique approach by infusing the evolutionary approach into the groundwork of outlining the astrological archetypal patterns. In this way readers are given a way to understand astrology as an spiritual evolution rather than a deterministic fate-based story. Maurice weaves a yogic understanding into the book as well by including a way of understanding the birth chart through 3 spiritual stages of growth. For more information:

Saturn-Uranus Oppositions

State of the Skies Report with Jodie Forrest

We are currently (as of October 2009) in a pattern of five oppositions of Saturn and Uranus:
* on 11/04/08 at 19 Virgo (Saturn) -Pisces (Uranus)
* on 2/5/09 at 20 Virgo-Pisces
* on 09/15/09 at 25 Virgo-Pisces
* on 4/24/2010 at 29 Virgo-Pisces
* on 7/26/2010 at 1 Libra-Capricorn

Transiting Uranus galvanizes whatever planet or point it is aspecting, and whatever house it is passing through in your birthchart. It asks you to overhaul and transform these areas, particularly where you may have been clinging to traditions, habits, fears and restrictive conservatism about them. The more "trapped" you have felt here, the more acutely you may feel this Uranian call to progress and freedom. To work well with these transits, you must use the Uranian virtue of *being fully yourself*--not someone else's idea of you, and not a living symbol of "the Revolution" at the expense of your own identity. Transiting Saturn asks you for a realistic and objective assessment of what is and is not working about whatever planet or point it is aspecting, and about whatever house it is passing through in your birthchart. It asks you to use the Saturnian virtues of good reality-testing and shrewd consistent effort to make a concrete, practical change of whatever isn't working for you.

Venus and Mars

Eros and Risk
by Jodie Forrest
September 2009

Jodie ForrestRecently I've been thinking about Mars a lot. Why? Partly because I'm teaching an astrological apprenticeship/mentoring program on Venus and Mars in Oakland, CA on October 3rd and 4th (see the Creative Juices Arts studio website), and partly because it's transiting over my Ascendant just now, and will be in my first house until mid October. Mars transits over our Ascendants about every two years. Last time it went over my Ascendant, I spoke at UAC, the major astrology conference that happens every 3 or 4 years. I was psyched for the lecture and it was well received. Later in the conference, I caught both a cold and a stomach bug and, because of a hotel key malfunction, I got locked out of my room while I was sick. The red planet does seem to bring challenges and stress! Yet it brings excitement and adventure, too. Which will it bring? The choice is really up to you.

Where Mars is in your chart, natally and by transit, you will need to develop your willpower (Mars). You will face a kind of cosmic assertiveness training (Mars).

Astrology Gets Fresh is here to guide astrology into a new era - an era in which the value of astrology is understood and accepted by the greater culture. For too long astrology has been relegated to the spiritual-hokus-pocus sideshow, where it's reputation does not match its promise. delivers astrological content in a fresh framework - new digs, you might say - so that the content delivered gains the respect it deserves.

Building Community

Little EarthJoin our growing community of astrologers and astrology lovers. is a place where we can connect and learn from each other. As astrologers, here we are, all under one roof, in a forum that makes it so easy to stay connected to each other. Utilize our contact feature on the profiles to connect with each other, and to reach out to mentors. As seekers of astrological guidance, our astrologer profiles are an invaluable tool for locating quality guidance that speaks to you personally.

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