Fun and Responsibility as July Wraps Up

by Madeline Gerwick

punchUnexpected Money and/or Love!

Beginning July 26th, a cycle comes in range (Venus trine Uranus) that’s associated with unexpected money and/or love. Although you could also find yourself spending money you didn’t anticipate. This cycle can be great for parties, and having fun in general. In love it’s similar to going to a carnival. You go and have a great time, but then you have to return home and get back to work! Romance during this cycle could be fleeting or unstable, but is usually fun while it lasts.

This cycle peaks on July 31st and stays in range through August 5th. If you’re not planning a party during that time, you can take advantage of this cycle in business with a promotion via the internet, email, or social media. This is an excellent time to make money via radio, television, podcasting, or webinars. Enjoy this cycle!

June 2016 Astrocycles: Finding Clarity through Chaos

by Joan Kiley

clarity chaosIt’s June! We made it through the slowdowns of May with the five retrograde planets, and now it’s Gemini time! Light, airy and fun, right? Well, not exactly. We did have the Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini to start the month, which can bring about some interesting and fun conversation. However, that Mutable Grand Cross that occurred at the end of May was not only still with us, it was getting more and more exact.  At the four corners were the Sun and Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. The Sun and Venus moved out of the Cross by June 12, but on June 17, Mercury, by then in its own sign of Gemini, will bring the Cross back to life once again.

The fact that this Grand Cross was/is in mutable signs is critical, because it requires lots of flexibility from all of us to get through it. New ideas will be generated, and then just as we think we’ve figured it out, an even newer idea emerges that either puts in doubt the previous one or requires a shift in perspective. Jupiter wants us to think BIG, and Saturn wants us to have a level of caution or doubt. Neptune tells us to trust our intuition, and ideas that come from dreams, of either the daytime or nighttime variety, ideas that people around us may pooh-pooh and declare impossible. Meanwhile we’re spinning in multiple directions at once.

May 2016 Astrocycles - Working in Slow Motion

by Joan Kiley

SlothWe think of May as the month of beauty, well into spring blooming season, but not yet with the heat of summer. There are many traditional May celebrations, most of them related to the Mother archetype, no doubt due to the obvious fertility of the earth. We have proms and graduations and Mother’s Day, lots of family gatherings, all of which make great use of the abundant floral displays available. This year, we have been going through the motions, participating in the traditions, yet not quite “feeling it.” There’s a kind of exhaustion manifesting, despite the vibrancy of the season.

The astrology of May 2016 is idiosyncratic of the norm. Yes, the Sun is in Taurus, as usual, and this year we have the ruler of Taurus, Venus, there as well, plus Mercury. However, we have five planets retrograde at this time—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto! With all the Taurus energy, which in itself has a slow vibration, and five retrograde planets, the Universe is saying, “Slow down. Stop the frenzy. Take a good look around and within you. Do not keep speeding down the road in the same way you have been moving.” When planets are retrograde, their influence often appears to intensify. After all, they are closer to the earth than when they are direct. This is especially true of the personal, faster moving planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars. And two of those three are now retrograde.

Time for Strategic Planning - Mars Retrograde

by Madeline Gerwick

punchMars is retrograde from April 17th through June 29th, 2016. This is our signal from the universe to do our personal and business strategic planning for the next two years. To get started, you don’t need to know every step you will take, but you do need to decide your direction and intention.

If you’re clear about your direction then the universe can show you the way to get there. It’s a good idea to identify your first steps, but you really don’t need to know the all of the steps to get to your intention, since the universe will reveal them as you walk your path. To do that you need to trust yourself and the universe.

April 2016 Astrocycles - Mars and Pluto Retrograde

by Joan Kiley

Flower by Manu JobstThe Moon was conjunct Pluto and square a Uranus/Mercury conjunction at the onset of April. This was a rather potent signature to begin a month when both Mars and Pluto will station retrograde. In addition to that powerful aspect, Jupiter and Saturn were square to each other, and Mars was square Neptune on the “fool’s day.”

Why is a Moon/Pluto conjunction in square to a Uranus/Mercury conjunction so powerful? We need to look at the symbols and what they represent. The Moon is our feeling nature, our emotional responses and reflections, while Pluto is deep, primal, and associated with life and death issues. Uranus can be sudden, unexpected changes or events, including intuitional insights, while Mercury is our thought processes, communications and ideas. The two planets in conjunction meld together, and the planets in square ignite a crisis. What might happen if a person, or persons, became overwhelmed by deeply held emotions that suddenly emerged and demanded to be spoken or acted upon? It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to bring a number of scenarios to mind that could be quite healing, or quite devastating, in their outcomes.

Power Struggles and Responsible Leadership

by Madeline Gerwick

punchBy the time April starts, Mars is getting very slow as it gets near retrograde. By April 4th, Mars is within 1 degree of where it will stop on April 17th to start moving backwards. This means it’s already exceedingly hard to start anything new. If you do start anything new between now and April 17th, be prepared for delays. It’s best to start your strategic planning period now so you're ready to roll out your plan after Mars goes direct.

At least one cycle is right on time to assist your strategic planning process. It begins March 29 and peaks on April 5th. This cycle is related to responsible leadership (Sun trine Saturn). Leaders may have more responsibilities, but if so, they also have help with them. Managers, owners and political leaders are also ready to tackle some of the most important responsibilities they have. You can accomplish a lot with these energies.

Money Challenges in March 2016

by Madeline Gerwick

money problemsBeginning March 14th the first of three cycles comes in range that’s associated with money. You may find that you've overspent, or you may feel like there is not enough money. The first cycle (Venus conjunct Neptune) is related to money seeming to just disappear. Maybe you forgot you spent the money, incorrectly accounted for it, or perhaps some clerical or techincal error led to money being lost or not properly accounted for.

This cycle peaks on March 20th and stays in range through March 25th. You’ll need to pay close attention to your finances during this period in order to get through the next two cycles with your finances intact. Keep in mind that there are also some beautiful gifts associated with this cycle in terms of highly spirtitual love and romantic idealism.

But getting back to finances... The second and third cycles come into range on March 20th, just as the first cycle peaks. These cycles (Venus square Saturn and Venus opposite Jupiter) are associated with the desire to spend more than you have when there just isn’t enough money. When combined with the first cycle, you might be inclined to overspend because you have forgetten what you spent previously, and then you spend it again, spending more than you have!

March 2016 Astro Cycles - Pisces Eclipse

by Joan Kiley

PiscesMarch is always a transitional month. The weather “usually” shifts out of snowstorms to spring thaw. Spring officially arrives. Time changes to daylight savings. Will this year be the same? With so much in our current news cycle screaming “super craziness has taken over” can we trust anything at all to be “business as usual?” Not really. The universe now has us in a crash course of “don’t take anything for granted” training.

The month begins with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Chiron and the South Node are also in Pisces, and we’ve only just begun the Piscean gathering. That’s a lot of Neptunian energy! Despite Jupiter in Virgo opposing the Sun, and Saturn in Sagittarius squaring it, the Uranus/Pluto square still in effect, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio, etc, we will be unable to ignore the Pisces/Neptune effect on the month of March! The dreaminess, the spaciiness, the drifting of our consciousness into unfocused territory will be present, and even more so, if we attempt to ignore or deny it.

March 2016 Eclipse Cycles and Opportunities

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerAs we start March, we’re in range of an eclipse cycle which begins March 8th. Eclipse events can occur up to 30 days prior to the day of the eclipse or up to 30 days after it occurs.

Our first eclipse on March 8th is a total, Solar Eclipse. It occurs at 8:56 PM Eastern time / 5:56 PM Pacific time. The west coast might get a glimpse of this eclipse, but it’s primarily visible in Indonesia, and from China to Australia. Alaska has a good chance of seeing at least some of it.

The primary meaning of this series of eclipses (March 8th and 23rd) has to do with endings or separations. This can mean everything from minor separations, such as someone leaving on a long trip, to major separations, such as divorce or even a loss. Since it’s a total eclipse, major separations can occur if your chart or business chart is impacted by this.

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