Good Planning Times Available in October 2015

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThis month we’re blessed with two weeks to make clear, logical decisions or plan important projects. These dates begin October 2nd and this cycle (Mercury sextile Saturn) stays in range through October 15th. This is excellent for getting a plan together for your fortunate actions. Make good use of this! This cycle peaks on October 6th and 13th.

On October 9th, Mercury stops and turns around to move forward again, marking the end of its retrograde. Notice that word “stops”. This means the planet in charge of movement and communications is NOT moving at all. It takes time for Mercury to get its momentum going enough to move forward again. So don’t expect Mercurial delays to end right away. Mercury won't be moving close to its normal speed until October 16th. And it won't be moving into new territory, fully marking the end of this Mercury retrograde cycle, until October 24th. So you have until then to finish redoing your tasks.

September 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerSeptember arrived, amid smokey wildfires, dramatic heat, and lots of folks of all ages back in school! At the moment it burst on the scene, the Sun in Virgo was conjunct Jupiter and exactly opposed Neptune in Pisces. The Moon in Aries was conjunct Uranus, square Pluto in Capricorn, and exactly trine the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Leo. Saturn was entering its last two weeks in Scorpio before transiting into Sagittarius. Most of us were probably asleep at midnight and gave no notice of all this; nevertheless, those complicated energies will continue to unfold during the whole month.

The parched earth of the western U.S. was on fire, creating a hazy film in the air, and difficulty seeing clearly. That is definitely one way to describe the configuration that began the month. Another way to view it, however, is to remember that a mere few days before the month started we had a Full Moon in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, and then at the start, the Sun was exactly opposing Neptune. Later in the month, Jupiter also will form an opposition with Neptune. The mysterious, boundaryless, and dreamy energy of Neptune remains in the background of our awareness all month. We could feel confused, unsure of our memory of events, receive information via dreams, of the day or nighttime variety, and feel more in tune with our intuition.

Preparing for the September 2015 Solar Eclipse

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer This month we have two eclipses: a Solar Eclipse on September 12 (11:42 pm Pacific Time) and a Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27. Both eclipses could be associated with a high level of stress. Those impacted by these eclipses may experience a taxing of their strength. Events can occur that require expending large amounts of effort. Illnesses or accidents can also occur. Worry and obsessive thinking are also potential negative expressions. Let's look at the Solar Eclipse in more detail.

The Solar Eclipse on September 12 occurs at 20° Virgo. If you or your company have a planet or personal point between 16 and 24 degrees of Virgo or Pisces, this eclipse will impact you the strongest. Those with planets between 18 and 22 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius will experience the square aspect, and could also notice the effects of this eclipse. This eclipse links up wtih several interesting sets of planetary energies. First, a cycle associated with revealing secrets or gossip is strong. Surprising news is also highlighted. Second, unexpected money or relationships are likely (an influence which peaks for the last of three times on September 22nd).

August 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerAugust 2015—Journey to Authenticity

We know to expect the Sun in Leo when August arrives, but this year we also had Mercury, Jupiter and Venus there as well! Venus retrograde was conjunct Jupiter, and both were square a slowing Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. We were only a day past the Full Moon in Aquarius, so the Moon in Aquarius was still opposing all those planets in later degrees of Leo. In fact, the Moon was forming a T-square with those planets, inclusive of the squares to Saturn. Saturn was slowing, and stationed direct at 10:53 PM PDT August 1. Whatever starts the month is important. Despite lots of things changing during the ensuing four weeks, that beginning moment fields an undercurrent for the whole period.

A lot of fixed energy at the beginning of August, but lots of fire as well, with the four planets in Leo plus Uranus retrograde in trine from Aries. This tells me there were high levels of energy, but also a great deal of rigidity. The retrogrades were giving a compelling need for making changes regarding our own values, showing us that some of the ways we’ve been viewing the world are outdated. Many of our conditioned beliefs about ourselves, our relationships, even our approach to life itself, have revealed themselves to be outdated, no longer useful in this 21st century global society.

Venus Retrograde 2015 Starts July 25

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerVenus retrogrades in 2015 from July 25th through September 6th. This cycle is designed to help you rethink relationships and finances. This doesn’t have to be a “bad” cycle, as many people characterize it. It can actually be quite helpful! 

The Venus retrograde cycle occurs roughly every 19 months and it lasts about 6 weeks. This is a time when we rethink relationships, finances and our values. These topics are all tied together via how much we value ourself.

In any personal relationship, what we really have to give is ourself. The more we value ourself, the more we attract loving and appropriate life partners and friends to us. In the same way, the more we value ourself, the more money and prosperity we allow ourself to have and receive easily. So they are all tied together. The key is how much we value ourself.

New Moon on July 15th Plus Jupiter Square Saturn

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWhat’s getting started at the New Moon on July 15th looks very transformational for our thinking, our actions and our motivations (Mercury conjunct Mars and both opposite Pluto). Due to some volatile energies before and after the New Moon, this period can be physically dangerous, with a higher chance of accidents than usual. Be extra careful driving and with your words.

The week before this New Moon, and especially the day before, we’re in a cycle associated with relationship and money issues. Scarcity of money (or energy) is a definite challenge at this time, and the stock markets look very challenged. This is not a good time to invest, since stocks could keep going down for awhile.

July 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerJuly 2015—Much to Accomplish and "It's Complicated"

“Summertime….and the livin’ is easy.” Hmmm, well for some that may be true. It is July, definitely summertime! Powerful aspects reflect the potential for bringing about remarkable innovation! However, for those folks experiencing record droughts and wildfires, it doesn’t feel so “easy,” more like waiting for the other shoe to drop. And for those who have had so much rain that their crops all lay under pools of water? No, that likely felt very un-easy, more like extreme insecurity.

The month began with strong fire as well as strong water energies. The Sun and Mars were conjunct in Cancer. Neptune, of course, was in Pisces, and Saturn, was in its relatively brief return to Scorpio. Thus, all three water signs were present and accounted for. The fire element was represented by Uranus at 20 degrees Aries, Jupiter and Venus conjunct at 21 degrees Leo, and the Moon, in late Sagittarius. All three fire signs were making their energies felt via a Grand Trine.

June 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerJune entered the stage with an emotional water trine in the chart. The Moon was in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer, and Chiron in Pisces. In contrast to the water trine was the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Mars, all in mental Mercury-ruled Gemini! These two formations speak loudly about what much of the month of June is about. It’s about balancing; it’s about bringing into harmony our mental, emotional and intuitive functions, not going all out one way or another, but finding a middle path.

The very second day of the month, at 9:18 AM PDT, gave us a Full Moon at 11 degrees 49 minutes Sagittarius! The opposing Sun in Gemini was bolstered by pals Mars and retrograde Mercury. Neptune in Pisces squared both ends of the opposition. Meanwhile, the Moon was in a fire grand trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Yes, a lot to balance. The fire of spirit and intuition, the mental quality of air, and the water of emotions, all searching for expression during this Full Moon, with little of the earth element to ground our efforts.

We’ll find this elemental quality for much of the month, with a critical need to find ways to ground ourselves, get into our bodies, breathe, and calm ourselves. It may feel like there’s too much swirling around us, too many ideas, and too much activity that doesn’t make “sense.” We may want to rush out and change things, get frustrated with ourselves for an inability to decipher reality, just run away and hide from it altogether, or some of each.

Full Moon or Fool's Moon on June 2?

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWhat’s coming to light at the Full Moon on June 2nd in Sagittarius could very well entail confusion or deception (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are all square to Neptune). If we know what direction we want to go, we may have no idea how to start. However, it’s more likely that we have no idea which direction to go in the first place. Uncertainty is rampant at this time.

It’s even possible that we’ve been recently hoodwinked and now we’re discovering this mistake (Mars square Neptune peaked on May 25th and now it’s the Full Moon). We might see this reflected in world events or it might be something more personal. In either case, this is the time to be alert for cover-ups and more deceptions as it unfolds.

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