Rick Borutta

Rick Borutta
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Karmic
Natal, Past Lives, Progressions
Rick Borutta
San Francisco
writing, meditation, water, ritual, ceremony, alchemy, men's work, LGBT advocacy and support, healingl, soul work
I offer natal chart readings for $100. For transits, progressed charts and other alchemical healing work: $125 per session/hour.
Rick Borutta studied alchemical healing traditions with Lorie Dechar (www.fivespirits.com) and Benjamin Fox (www.anewpossibility.com) His own journey of personal transformation began in NYC theater, followed by filmmaking and a position with CBSNews.com, culminating in his use of astrology, writing and imaginative shadow work.

Rick Borutta began his professional career in live theater. He managed productions across the globe for Tommy Tune and Elaine Stritch, with whom he appears in the HBO documentary Elaine Stritch at Liberty. His own non-fiction films include Beauty from our Hands, a Cannes Short Film Corner selection set in Cape Town South Africa. His first film Tomorrow is Today was created with classmates from Hunter College and the University of Cape Town. In the works is a third short SA film about a sangoma medicine man, and a feature-length narrative screenplay titled Let Me Be Sky. Other subjects Rick has produced for film include Kitty Carlisle Hart, Larry Kramer, therapy dogs and ghosts.

Rick was a producer at CBSNews.com for five years where he created interactive media experiences for viewers including Backstage Live, special event pages and projects for 60 Minutes and 48 Hours.

His experience with alchemical healing comes from participation in workshops at Esalen, Easton Mountain and other retreats in the New York tri-state area with facilitators including Lorie Dechar, Benjamin Fox, Kai Ehrhardt, Kevin Kortan and Christian de la Huerta. Also, Rick has attended one of Steven Forrest's AP programs in Evolutionary Astrology.

Active in LGBT community support, Rick helped create ANGLE – the Affinity Network for GLBT Employees – to support workplace diversity at CBS Corp nationwide. In addition, he supports www.mankindpride.com, as an out gay man volunteering time for The Mankind Project, an international men’s organization dedicated to men’s initiation into authentic leadership, power and inner growth.

Rick lives in San Francisco, California.