Samantha DiRosa

Samantha DiRosa
Career, Natal, Past Lives, Progressions
Samantha DiRosa
Lumen Astrology
Natal reading: $110
Transits and Progressions: $85
Combination Natal/Transits/Progressions: $135
Solar return: $55
Relationship: $150 - 200
Follow up: $65/hour
Samantha DiRosa has studied astrology for over ten years, recently apprenticing with the renowned astrologer and author Steven Forrest. She began her professional practice in 2007 after several years of teaching art at the university level. Her background in visual arts greatly informs her astrology work. She brings depth of insight, sensitivity, and compassion to all of her readings, helping to illuminate the often elusive path to authenticity, growth, and happiness. Honoring the uniqueness inherent in each chart, her goal as an astrologer is to empower clients in their soul journey.

Testimonial: "Samantha, I just wanted you to know that the reading you did for me was insightful, empowering, and full of grace and wisdom. There were actually points where I was brought to tears by your words that touched me so profoundly. Listening to you speak out loud of my life struggles and life potentials gives validation to all that I feel. Having someone be able to do that in a world that can be so thoughtless and superficial was a gift that I can never repay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" -Heather, CT