Thea Wirsching

Thea Wirsching
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Humanistic, Karmic, Psychological, Western
Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Thea Wirsching
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Long Beach
Astrology and literature, healing with aromatherapy, and reclaiming the Western Hermetic tradition
Psyche's Gift
My pricing is somewhat lower than industry standard, to make this valuable healing service available to everyone. I offer a natal chart reading with a focus on past lives for $99 (an hour-and-a-half to two-hour service). I also offer a number of shorter, less expensive readings with focus on particular areas. A menu of these services is available to view on my website.
Thea Wirsching is an evolutionary astrologer with over ten years of client experience. She received her PhD in American literature from the University of California in 2012. Her graduate work focused on the history of astrology in America, as well as the relationship between fiction and Hermetic religion. Thea enthusiastically employs the evolutionary approach, presenting the client's past-life karma in the form of a story. Once we comprehend the old stories we have been unconsciously acting out, we are freed to write the new story of our life with full consciousness. Thea's clients consistently report that her readings gave them both self-acceptance and the confidence to move forward in living their dreams. Thea draws from her background in literature and astrological history in her practice, and her readings are enhanced by both ancient lore and the power of myth. Thea's interpretation of the trial and redemption of the Greek goddess Psyche, whose name means "Soul," is such a powerful allegory of how astrology impacts our lives that she named her practice after it: "Psyche's Gift." Let Thea awaken you to the song of your Soul!