Wendy Z Ashley

Wendy Z Ashley
Ancient, Archetypal
Chart Rectification, Natal, Predictive, Progressions, Forecast & Transits
Wendy Z Ashley
archetypal astrology
Students: see website.
Clients: $295 first mythic reading; $225 returns: both via telephone.
I am a Mythic Astrologer. That means that I use the horoscope as well as a remembered childhood experience or two to uncover that one myth that is a metaphoric parallel to my client’s life. I struggle to help individuals see how the elements of that myth are evident in the situations and persons who are central to one’s life. I do NOT use the Gods and Goddesses as metaphors for elements of the psychology of my client. I think that usage has diminished astrology’s value and use. I did start like everyone else with a study of what is called “traditional” astrology, but which I now call “conventional Western psychological astrology.”

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