Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program

Steven Forrest's Astrologer Apprentice Program offers students the chance to study astrology in depth with one of the most successful astrologers of our time. Programs are currently offered in Southern and Northern California, North Carolina, Europe, Australia, and Mexico.

Students may enter the program at any level of astrological proficiency. The program is rigorous intellectually and emotionally, but also non-pretentious and very accessible. After attending three four-day sessions, students receive Level One certification and may be added to Steven's website referral page. After attending six sessions, a Level Two certificate is awarded. The site gets a lot of traffic and being included has helped some students establish their own astrological practice.

Steven Forrest’s style of evolutionary astrology is centered on a philosophy of freedom and choice. Steven encourages people to use the birth chart to make better, wiser choices rather than attempting to “foresee the future” in some limiting way. There is less “description” and more “prescription” in his approach. Steven’s interpretations are psychological in tone, but unfold against the backdrop of the soul’s evolutionary path. Technically, Steven’s astrological style is modern. He uses the Tropical zodiac, the outer planets, both modern and classical rulerships, and the Placidus house system.

Check out the Forrest Astrology website for additional information.

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