Astrology Training Course with Erin Sullivan

An online course in professional applied practice of astrology. Independent distance learning, self-directed training course in the professional applied practice of astrology. 34-hours of pre-recorded audio in 17 classes, made up of three modules or semesters, is taught in an organized but organic fashion; the modules are fixed and focused while the classes are more fluid within the subject matter. Rather like nature and humanity. Registered students will gain access to all audio lectures and discussions, as well as printed material.

This is an excellent method of learning and absorbing vast amounts of information both in subtle and solid ways. Each of the modules, along with recommended reading, slowly increases one’s grasp on the knowledge of practical, archetypal and psychological astrology.

I recorded the classes live online, with real students . . . they are taught in ‘real time’ and available here to you both visually (as streaming video) and in audio format with PDF handouts as used in the classes. So it is ‘being there’ as you learn.

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