Portland School of Astrology

Our 101 Astrology Program is unique because not only is it accessible 101-knowledge offered to the general public, but it is an incredibly holistic approach to the multifaceted study and practice of Astrology, taking into account different learning styles and ways to really understand this information through a variety of activities and experiences, all within a classroom setting. While it's important to understand Astrology intellectually from a head space, we also need to imbibe Astrology. We will understand Astrology not only through lecture, powerpoints and reading books, but we will also experience Astrology through music, video, art, games, meditation, food, reflection and body movement to see spectrum of these archetypes all around us, everyday.

In the 1st-Year Program of the Portland School of Astrology, we explore the basics of astrology in standard and unconventional ways to best appeal to a multitude of learning styles and personal experiences. We learn how to delineate (interpret) a chart, learn cycles, phases, retrogrades, movement and transits of planets. We also cover topics of interest to the well-rounded astrologer that include Astronomy, History, Philosophy and we even get physical with Astro-Drama and Astro-Yoga! We also introduce specific topics in the diverse field of Astrology such as Esoteric Astrology, Medical Astrology and a variety of techniques to appeal to a variety of interests of students.

Instructors include Jaysen Paulson, Rhea Wolf, Judith Hill, Andrea Gehrz and guest lecturers.

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