International Academy of Astrology


The International Academy of Astrology (IAA) opened its cyber doors in November 1997. Ena Stanley, President and the 2012 Regulus Award Winner for Education, wanted to teach an independent curriculum that would encompass many of the astrological organizations certification requirements and enable anyone, anywhere, with a home computer to obtain an outstanding astrological education with personal attention.

Today, IAA is internationally recognized for excellence in astrological education and graduates are authorized to use the title ‘Dipl.IAA’ after their name to demonstrate that they have completed this rigorous course of training and are then fully qualified to practice astrology in a professional capacity. Graduates of IAA have benefit of certification with ISAR and NCGR upon final testing.

IAA’s two main courses of study offers the student basic natal interpretation to advanced delineation skills taking the student on the journey to become a professional astrologer. IAA also offers Medical, Traditional, Evolutionary and Vedic Astrology modules. Classes are also taught in the Spanish language.

IAA often holds lectures and workshops independent from the curriculum and has a public library offering free articles written by notable astrologers. Past lectures and workshop are available for purchase.

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