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This custom astrology report reveals the fixed stars that were most prominent at your birth - and their meaning.

On the day you were born, you not only gained the wisdom and guidance of your birthchart, you also gained the myths and meanings of a sky full of stars. Not all the stars, just those that formed links to your birthchart's angles or planets. By considering the significance of those stars, you will encounter a whole new layer of meaning in your birthchart, because the fixed stars have a rich historical and mythological background.

This report discusses your Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars, the stars thought to have just returned from the mythological Underworld, with a message or gift from the deities.

The report also includes descriptions of fixed stars are connected to the angles of your birthchart, to its planets, and to the different ages of your life: youth, maturity, and the later years.

We encourage you to read the report remembering that your birthchart prescribes an optimal life path that includes your free will to choose. Although these are called "fixed" stars, nothing in life is fixed. And we all have the power of choice.

Bernadette BradyGet your fixed star report today and unlock the mysteries of the colorful mythology and history of the fixed stars in your own life.

Text written by Bernadette Brady. Read a revealing sample fixed star report for Barrack Obama.

Approx. 20-25 pages. Your report will be generated and emailed to you withing 24 hours during business days.

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